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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a manufactured home and a mobile home?
A manufactured home is a factory built home that was built after the June 15, 1976 HUD code came into effect. A mobile home is a factory built home that was built before the HUD code came into effect. The term “mobile home” is now obsolete when referring to today’s manufactured homes.

Do these homes appeal to new fire requirements?
Yes, the homes we offer meet all state and local standards and building codes.

Does there always need to be so many steps to get into manufactured homes, can you control the height?
No, the homes can be customized and set so that only 1 or 2 steps are required to get in.

Are there different kinds of foundations to choose from?
There are a number of different foundation options to select from.

Does the land have to be flat where my home will be installed?
No, homes can be built and set on sloping or uneven lots.

If my road is difficult to deliver to, will this be an issue?
Our site inspector will advise you prior to purchase on all of your delivery conditions.

Are there many options available, such as colors and finishes?
The factory offers hundreds of options and we will customize to your specifications after delivery.

Is it possible to have a garage or deck built on my manufactured home?
Yes, our manufactured homes can be built to include garages, decks, and porches. Site conditions and local codes may have restrictions however.

Can I change the lights and faucets (or similar fixtures)?
Yes, all construction and hookups are standard.

What kind of financing is available?
We have many financing options available, including FHA, VA, and all conventional lenders. In parks the financing is different because the home remains personal property.